Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) - HOW

TNR is the heart of our work to reduce cat overpopulation.

A female cat can become pregnant as young as four months and can bear three litters a year. That's about 2900 cats in five years - or would be if more than one in four survived. 75% of all cats born in the wild die from predators, starvation or illness. (source)


TNR is a proven solution for reducing feral colonies and the overall feral population.

The FCPGA does not go onto properties to trap cats, but we can lend you traps, help you with lots of information, and supply low/no cost spay/neuter vouchers.


Contact us by email or leave a message on our FB page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can make a difference!

Alley Cat Allies has a great video explaining the basic steps. Watch it below.

To summarize-

  • Identify that it is a "feral" cat and not someone's lost kit ty. To help tell the two apart, this chart from Alley Cat Allies can help.

  • Identify that it is an unaltered "feral" cat.

Look for an ear tip where 1/4 inch of the tip of the left ear is removed in a straight line.

This indicates that someone has already TNR'd this cat and you don't have to worry about it.

  • Prepare to trap:

  1. Locate a low cost spay/neuter clinic. Be sure to ask about their intake process and cost. Click here for a list of spay/neuter clinics in Georgia.

  2. Get a humane trap. If you are in the Cumming, Georgia area, we can lend you a trap or you can purcahse a trap at places like Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply and Amazon.

  3. Buy some food to use as bait (e.g. sardines, canned tuna in oil or cat food with juice). Anything with a strong smell will do the trick.

  4. Withhold food for 8-12 hours prior to setting out your traps. You will have much better luck if the cats are a little bit hungry.

  • Trap the cat and take it to be spayed/neutered:

  1. Bait your trap, place it in a good location where the cats will see it and wait.

  2. Once the cat is in the trap, cover the trap with a light sheet or blanket and take the cat to be spayed/neutered.

  3. Keep it safe until it has recovered (usually 2-3 days).

  4. Release the cat back where you found it, if it is not able to be socialized. 

We can lend you Tomahawk Drop Traps.

They're made a great vid showing how easy it is to set it up. Watch it below.

Spay/Neuter clinics are listed here

More TNR Resources Below

If you need more info about TNR (trap-neuter-return) or about feral cats in general, these resources may be able to help.

These videos will show you how to set up and take down various kinds of humane traps manufactured by Tomahawk.

Based in DC, Alley Cat Allies is one of the largest cat rescue organizations in the country. Extensive information, tips, and videos about TNR and community cats.

A directory of low-cost, affordable and free resources for Georgia's pet owners. Calendar of low cost spay/neuter, vaccine, and general pet care clinics throughout the state.

PAWS and WHISKERS is an Atlanta-based rescue organization with lots of information and resources on their web site.

A NYC-based rescue group offering lots of information.

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