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The above represents only a few of the cats and kittens whose lives we've touched in 2018.

Thanks to your compassion and love, we were able to help

520+ cats be TNR'd and
550+ cats go home to their furever families!


If you missed it,

you really missed something!

There were lots of great donations and a wonderful turnout for our garage sale in October. (Once it started, we were too busy to take photos, if you can imagine that.)

Lots of bargains were piled high in many cars and the cats and kittens are grateful for your support!


Last Saturday, the 29th of September, dawned overcast and humid, but the sun soon came out and it quickly became bright and more humid. That didn't stop the crowd at Fowler Park, where we set ourselves up to talk to people about saving cats.
We spent a large part of the day discussing the benefits of TNR, handing out information, walking people through the TNR process and explaining low cost spay/neuter options in this area.
We were very pleased with the number of FCPGA adopters who stopped by, eager to show us photos and videos of their cats at home. Still others came up to thank us for having loaned them traps and teaching them how to trap the cats in their neighborhoods, so they could be neutered.
It was a good day for saving cats!
    --text and photos by Lisa Tenerovich and David Funderburk

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Kashka is an affectionate snuggler. She's a wonderful, happy, six year old girl with lots of head-butts and meows yet to give her special purrson. If you are interested in meeting her - we'll almost guarentee you'll fall in love - please email us and we'll arrange it.

Late in the afternoon, at the last adoption event of the last PetSmart National Adoption Weekend, a  young woman approached a FCPGA volunteer.

She couldn't adopt a cat of her own, for a variety of reasons, but she wanted to make it easier for another person to find their furever friend.

And she wanted to make it easier for one of our cats to go home: she understood that older cats are more difficult to place then kittens and she wanted to donate the adoption fee for our oldest cat in foster.

Thank you, Samantha, for your love and understanding, from all of us at FCPGA, and most especially from Kashka, who will surely find her purrson sooner because of your generosity.

from Liana Langford,
     long-time FCPGA volunteer

7:30 am last Saturday found Liana Langford and Dan Easley (and Lily, Pandora, and Kitty) at Grove Park s/d. They have an annual neighborhood 5K race and chose a charity as beneficiary. This year, after meeting FCPGA at an earlier adoption event, they named us their 2018 charity beneficiary.

We had a lot of people come by and talk to us and play with Pandora and Lily. Several expressed an interest in volunteering.
They have many sponsors and we also receive the race entry fees.
This was a wonderful opportunity to get the word out about our program and make contacts. Hopefully if we get the word out we can get other neighborhoods to think the same.
If you live in a s/d with a similar program, please keep us in mind. If your s/d has a newsletter we would be happy to submit articles and/or calendar items.

Thank you, Grove Park!
The cats and kittens appreciate your support!

----- photos and text, Liana Langford

from Cyndi Eversole,
     long-time FCPGA volunteer
     and TNR trapper-extraordinaire

The cats and kittens thank you!

Learn more about TNR here

Just this morning I transported 5 cats going to get fixed. That’s 5 little lives being forever changed because of our program.


The Feral Cat Program of Georgia is an ALL volunteer organization consisting of people with full time jobs and people like me (the mom in the minivan full of kids checking traps I set the night before). We are ordinary people with already extraordinarily filled lives, helping our cat population in desperate need.


We always try to help those who reach out to us.


I was recently asked to assist a colony of cats in Dahlonega by a local man who does not have the funds to TNR, He is, however, willing to work harder than anyone you could hope to meet and wants to get this colony fixed. After working a full day, he still travels to feed the feral colony. Because his own car would’t make the trip, I arranged with another FCPGA volunteer to help transport the trapped cats to the vet for their neuters.


We have fixed 29 cats from this one location already and have rescued over 30 kittens from this colony, all recently adopted.

Please help us continue to do the good work we are doing. Please help us help them. When we find people like this amazing man, we MUST be there to help. We can not turn our backs on these animals or on the people who desperately want to be part of the solution.

We have provided help for hundreds of free spay/neuter surgeries and we are in need of funds now so we can keep on trapping!

You've accomplished a lot in the first half of 2018!

In the first six months of 2018, you helped
    212 cats get spayed/neutered;
     14 cats get medical attention;
    172 cats in foster; and
    285 cats find their furever homes.

It would not have happened without your hard work and spirited support!

The cats and kittens send purrs,
head-bumps, and a large bouquet of catnip!

Saturday, July 14 at Cumming PetSmart®

"It's her birthday," her Dad said.

"We gave her some money," he continued.

"It's her birthday," her Dad said.

"We gave her some money," he continued.

"This is what she wanted to do with it,"

he added.

"It's for the cats," she said.

"WOW!" we said.

"Just WOW!" we added.

FCPGA recently received a generous donation from IBM Volunteers in recognition of the outstanding volunteer work done by Dan Easley, one of our long-term foster dads and volunteers. The donation will be used to further our TNR efforts and to help fund medical care for the cats.
Thank you, Dan, for your unswerving commitment and thank you, IBM, for recognizing and rewarding it.

Many companies have a similar volunteer recognition policy and many more will match donations by their employees.
Please check with your employer and please take advantage of any community service recognition and/or donation matching programs they might offer.

June 2, 2018

June 2, 2018

A really nice day. The staff is wonderful ... friendly , animal lovers, and very knowledgeable. The cats were excited to be there and had a blast watching the customers and their dogs. You can see it just wore some of them out. A lot of old friends stopped by to say hi and we made a bunch of new friends, too!

Poseidon got a great forever home!
We are looking forward to being there again this weekend and each

month going forward.

-- Deb Easley

You remember Poseidon, rescued from a horrible hoarding situation back in February. He was tiny, malnourished and injured. With the loving care of his foster, he was strong enough for surgery in April. Although his eye couldn't be saved, with your generous response

to an emergency medical appeal, his life was.

Poseidon went home to his furever family on June 2!
(That's him above - happy and healthy - just before he went home.)

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