All of our cats are outstanding.

But some of them don't 'show' well -

they don't like cages or carriers or they don't like crowds and a lot of noise.

These cats are rarely seen to be appreciated,

but they truly deserve to be seen and appreciated and loved.

Please help them to find their furever homes!

Kashka does not do well at adoptions as she does not like to be confined in a carrier or cage so she gets very grumpy.

She is 7 years young, healthy (just had her checkup!), and all her vaccinations are up to date.


She wants her human all to herself, with no other cats or dogs. She wants all the attention for herself, as a queen should!

She will cuddle under the covers with you, on top of the covers with you, next to you on the couch or bed when you are working - as long as she can see you she is happy. She has a wonderful trill to talk to you with, and a purr that could rival a big cat. She also likes to lick her human to make sure that they are clean according to her standards. She likes to lie in the sun atop a cat tree, and can sit and stare at the outside happenings for hours. She also likes to have a safe place high up, atop a cupboard or something like that where she can retreat to if she gets scared.


Kashka loves her wet food and uses the litterbox with ease and agility. When no one is around she can be seen playing and running like a kitten so she has a lot of life left in her, and lots and lots of love to give someone.


Please help her to not have to spend her another day in our rescue. She is so deserving of a 2nd chance at a forever home.

    --Foster Mom Liana

Clementine became part of FCPGA nearly 3 years ago as a tiny 2 week old kitten. In 2018 she became a part of the program again due to unfortunate circumstances, but she’s ready to find her FOREVER home!


She is extremely sweet and loves to be loved, held, and cuddled. If you pick her up, she’ll wrap her arms around your neck like she’s hugging you’ Oh and she really enjoys a good belly rub and likes to talk! One last thing...she likes to make biscuits on her foster humans’ clothes. They’re the best biscuits in town made special with one and only Clementine drool.

Clementine making biscuits.

Clementine needs to be the queen bee of her forever home. Dogs and other cats are NOT her thing. Going to adoptions isn’t  her thing either. Cat carrier? No thanks! She also has special dietary needs, as she’s become quite plump over the past few years! Clementine truly deserves a home where she will be loved unconditionally for the rest of her life.

     --Foster Mom Colleen

These outstanding cats need their

furever families!

They will return your love and care a thousand times over.

For more information or to meet any of them, just send us the form to the right.

          We'll get back to you ASAP!


Thank you!

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