Foster Family Volunteers

FCPGA is a foster based cat rescue.  That means that we do not have a shelter to house the kittens we rescue.  We rely 100% on our network of foster volunteers to take in and care for our kittens until they are adopted.

Through FCPGA’s foster program, cats and kittens are given a second chance at an amazing life thanks to the dedicated time and care of our foster homes. Opening your home temporarily to a cat from FCPGA is a special way to show your passion for the homeless cats and kittens in our community.


Foster Family Requirements

Be of age. The primary caregiver of the foster animal must be at least 18 years old. However, younger family members can help at home and potentially receive school credit. Inquire more about school credit at the orientation.

Be in the area. Please consider the potential commute before applying to foster. Foster volunteers must be able to travel to:

  • Our office at 7250 Bannister Road, Cumming, Georgia on a regular basis for checkups, vaccinations and to pick up medicine

  • Assigned PetSmart adoption center in Cumming, Dawsonville and Alpharetta. 

  • FCPGA’s veterinary care provider, Pet Vet, for sick visits and spay/neuter surgery

Be able to segregate your foster cats from your pets until they are combo tested and have received 2 FVRCP vaccinations

Be able to provide food, litter and toys.

Ability to lift, push, or carry at least 25 pounds

Own a car for transporting animals to veterinary and vaccine appointments, to emergency care and to adoption events

Attend mandatory foster care training

Have a flexible schedule which allows you to meet the needs of foster cats placed in your care.  In a typical day, you can expect to give food and water at least twice. The litter box(es) will also need to be scooped at least twice a day. Don’t forget to allow for a little playtime and snuggling! If the kittens you are fostering are sick, you may need to medicate the kittens as well. The expected minimum time commitment is about two hours per day caring for your kittens.

Provide proof from your veterinarian that all personal household pets are currently vaccinated and sterilized (spayed/neutered)


How Foster Care Works

When FCPGA receives cats/kittens, we contact our foster home volunteers. If a volunteer is not available to foster at that time, we simply try another person. There will be plenty of other opportunities to foster, so there is no pressure to take an animal. 

Foster family volunteers come to our office located in Cumming, Georgia to pick up the cat/kitten to take home. At that time, foster volunteers receive information about the cat’s condition and needs, and then we will distribute the appropriate supplies and medication(s).

Note:  As a foster, you may host cats of any age, some with special medical or behavioral needs, kittens under 8 weeks of age, or a nursing mother and her litter. By fostering cats in need of extra TLC, you are providing rehabilitation in a nurturing home environment while directly preparing these animals for a new life-long home through adoption.

Foster family volunteers will need to bring their foster(s) to the FCPGA office periodically to be examined, receive vaccinations or to pick up medicine.  If the foster requires veterinary care and when the foster(s) are ready to be spayed/neutered the Foster Family Volunteer will need to bring their foster(s) to our veterinarian, Pet Vet located in Cumming, GA.  If emergency care is required after Pet Vet closes, the foster will need to bring their foster(s) to one of our authorized emergency vets.

Once the foster is ready for adoption, the foster volunteer will need to bring their foster(s) to at least 3 weekly adoption events per month.  Adoptions are held at the PetSmart stores located in Alpharetta, Cumming and Dawsonville. Where possible foster volunteers are assigned to the PetSmart located closest to their home. 

FCPGA provides the medical care and any special supplies you will need to care for your foster cats, including medicine, heating pads and cat safe cleaners. We provide care instructions for each foster animal so you will know exactly what each animal requires and our foster coordinator is always available for questions.

Fostering is a wonderful experience for you and your family. We hope you will consider this unique opportunity to further help the cats of north Georgia by becoming a FCPGA Foster Family volunteer. For further information or questions, please contact our foster coordinator at or visit our Foster Home Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


Get Started

If you are interested in fostering with the Feral Cat Program of Georgia, please follow these steps:

Fill out Foster Application below.  Our foster coordinator will contact you with any questions and with the status of your application.

Once approved, fosters  

  • Set up a Home Inspection, required by Georgia State Law, with our Foster Coordinator.

  • Sign Foster Home Agreement & Volunteer Waiver

  • Start saving lives. FCPGA will match you with the foster cats/kittens that suit your experience and lifestyle.

Foster Application Form

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