Outdoor/Barn Cats

Some cats prefer living outside - in barns or in gardens.

We have an Outdoor/Barn Cat adoption program with hard-working, pest-reducing cats who would love to live in your barn, your garden or on your farm.

These cats prefer the freedom of outdoor sheltered life with as little or much human contact as they desire. All they require are bowls of food, fresh water, and a safe place to hide from predators and stay warm/cool/dry.

All of our Outdoor/Barn cats are spayed/neutered, have received a Rabies vaccine and are just looking for a safe place to do their job.

We have Outdoor/Barn cats waiting for their spay/neuter/shots.
If you are looking for an outdoor cat, please send the form below and we'll be delighted to let you know who is available and move them to the head of the line!

These cats prefer the outdoors.

A farm, a garden or a barn would be perfect for these cats, your ecological solution to pest control!

They love their job and they'll learn to love you, but on their own terms.

For more information, just send us the form to the right.


Thank you!

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